003 Who Wants To Laugh Podcast – Interview with Michael Stern

003 Who Wants to Laugh – Interview with Michael Stern
Host: John Lane
Time: 1:11:20
In this episode, we start off like usual with an opening monologue.

I describe who my guest Michael Stern is. He works on Dr. Phil, he knows many celebrities, and was great friends with Lucile Ball. He has a GREAT, FANTASTIC book out called “I Had a Ball: My Friendship with Lucile Ball”. Buy Michael’s Book http://www.amazon.com/Had-Ball-My-Friendship-Lucille/dp/145028731X

Michael is a PHENOMENAL guy and extremely smart who I think you’re gonna like and I did an interview with him on December 22, 2013.

To learn more about Michael listen to this week’s episode.

Michael’s blog is Entrepreneur on Fire
Michael Stern on Facebook


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