012 Who Wants to Laugh Podcast – Interview with James Lamb of nominatemarco.com

012 Who Wants to Laugh Podcast – Interview with James Lamb of nominatemarco.com

Host: John Lane

Time: 0:46:38

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(6:19) My guest is James Lamb. James is a former authorized fundraising agentjameslamb for the Marco Rubio for President campaign. This opportunity helped James get to know Senator Marco Rubio on a person level. He even played football with the former Presidential candidate. Senator Marco Rubio may have suspended his campaign, but James hasn’t given up hope! He launched nominatemarco.com to try and get Senator Rubio to win in a contested convention. That can only happen if Donald Trump does not reach the needed 1,237 delegates to attain the Republican nomination for President of the United States. You can participate in this effort as well by signing up at www.nominatemarco.com! To learn more about this listen to the episode! I do apologize that near the end of the interview James does start cutting out a bit. I recommend just listening very carefully and maybe even turning up your volume a couple of notches to try to hear and understand him better. Again, I apologize about the quality. He is the first guest that I have had this issue with and so I don’t expect this issue to be a repeat offender.

James is a marvelous man and he is fighting for a man that he deeply believes can help the United States of America. I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing him on April 23, 2016.


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