015 Who Wants to Laugh – Interview with Alex Bruesewitz

015 Who Wants To Laugh – Interview with Alex Bruesewitz

Host: John Lane

Time: 0:50:08

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I rant about trucks…. yes, trucks.

Let’s not forget about my RNC speech the other night! You guys saw it, right? RIGHT?! I play my speech and discuss some criticisms I have received.

(21:43) My guest is Alexander Bruesewitz.  Alex works in the real estate business in Milwaukee. Alex and I discussed all things politics from Donald Trump to Black Lives Matter to terrorism to much, alexbrumuch more! You’re going to want to hear what Alex thinks about all this! Believe me!

Alex is a marvelous man and he has a very promising future. I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing him on July 18, 2016.


Twitter: @alexanderbruz


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