016 Who Wants to Laugh – Josh Elledge

016 Who Wants to Laugh – Josh Elledge

Host: John Lane

Time: 1:11:25

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I take on the Colin Kaepernick vs. Steve Clevenger situation. One’s suspended for the season and the other is the backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Hint: Steve plays baseball.

Sad news too. R.I.P. Jose Fernandez.

The first 2016 presidential debate could’ve gone better for both candidates I think. I really dissect how they did. My guest knows a lot about PR and he weighs in on how PR and the media affects the candidates and how they’re able to control the media.

(20:45) My guest is Josh Elledge.  Josh teaches you how to save money when you gelledgeo shopping at savingsangel.com. He has so many tips. He also has an expertise in getting you unlimited free PR and he will tell you his strategies! No more publicists. He will help put it back in your control and give you his strategies to make sure that it’s better in your hands.

Josh is a marvelous man and he just wants to help you. So how could he not be a marvelous guy? I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing him on September 16, 2016.





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