025 Who Wants to Laugh – Steve McInelly

025 Who Wants to Laugh – Steve McInelly

Host: John Lane

Time: 1:01:58

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President Trump and Vice President Pence have been sworn in! We discuss the response to that over the last couple days and give you a deep analysis of everything related to the protests!

My guest today is Steve McInelly. He is a Las Vegas based comedian. He talks about the comedy scene in Vegas, hecklers, political correctness, bombing on stage, and MUCH MUCH more!

I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Steve on 1/17/17.




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  1. Very well done John. I always wondered how these guys and gals got their chance to break into this type of business, and your interview gave me great incite on how they do it. On a side note, I am 55 and grew up watching Andy and the gang from Mayberry. Your other podcast, now has me searching for re-runs, of the show I loved as a child. When I was your age, it was “Happy Days”. I watch Andy 3 or 4 times a week now. I will never forget the day when I heard Goober sing, it just dropped my jaw. Thanks for bring back old memories!

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