God and Pioneer of Television Rest In Peace Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith died two years ago.

Andy Griffith wasn’t the God of life

But he was the God of television

The man behind the dignity of television

From “What It Was, Was Football” to Play the Game to his death,

He has shown us what he’s able to accomplish

But yet this man doesn’t ever receive an award,

He gets the presidential medal of freedom from Pres. GWB

But none for his portrayal of loveable small town sheriff Andy Taylor

But Don Knotts does in fact 5 for his portrayal of bumbling deputy Barney Fife, MD and yet he doesn’t accept them for himself, but for Andy too and all of Mayberry. Because without Andy, Don wouldn’t be getting his awards. Andy made the show THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW Without him, it could have been the Bob Mitchell Show. He deserves more credit than he gets. But it’s too late now, Andy’s gone. All we have left are 249 episodes to remember this man of. He doesn’t deserve to have his call be transferred to the tailor shop. He leaves Mayberry dead, no law enforcement, no badge to be worn. The streets of Mayberry empty. Mayberry died with Andy. We can watch his other films and shows, but none can ever amount to THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. None bring us back to the good simple times of life. Other shows like the Dick Van Dyke show are good, but not like THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. We remember Otis coming into the courthouse Saturday night grabbing the key letting himself in, If only we could let ourselves into Mayberry, if only.  You can’t stand in front of the gas station with a bottle of pop without it being considered loitering or stand in front of the barbershop talking, get out of jail in one night, you can’t go into your local courthouse and interrupt your sheriff for a game of checkers or to go see a Cary Grant movie. It’s a fantasy that we all want to be a part of. We all want to be Mayberryians playing checkers in Floyd’s barbershop, Match pennies with Floyd and Goober, get a haircut by Floyd with Floyd doing more talking than trimming, go home and have supper with Andy, Aunt Bee, Opie, and maybe Barney if he doesn’t have plans. But we can’t. In today’s world we don’t ask our local Gomer if he needs a place to stay to get back on his feet or give Newton Monroe or Barney’s cousin Virgil another chance to get on his right two feet. The world doesn’t have the third way of communication being Tell Floyd. It’s simply the wish you want to make. But life’s not like that. Not as easy as in Mayberry. After watching 25 minutes of THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, we have to wake up from Heaven. We might watch another episode or do something else, but we have to eventually leave heaven and enter the modern world with Andy leaving the gates closed never to open again. Andy closes the gates to Mayberry and puts up the sign “Gone Fishing.” Howard, Floyd, Goober, Gomer, and Barney wait for Andy to go to Myers Lake to do some fishing. We can’t go back in Mayberry but we can turn open our eyes turn on the TV and watch another Andy giving us a little whiff of Mayberry which we now long for. Andy leaves TV setting a high standard impossible to beat. Jim Nabors and I both know it is the Impossible Dream. The thought just twinkles through our mind, Mayberry. What a wonderful sound, what a wonderful state of mind, what a wonderful world. As Gomer would say Shazam! So let’s all take a few minutes to remember and look back on Andy’s life and what he means to us and think of the great show he gave us. It’s time to turn on the Andy Griffith Show and let Mayberry take over our body. Hear that whistle? Go ahead Whistle along with it. It has a much greater meaning than we can imagine. A simpler time. We leave Mayberry with one question how is Howard’s mother? He leaves us with a gift, himself in 249 episodes. He himself is a gift. Andy has given you an early Christmas present. I think he deserves a salute in his honor. God Speed Andy and thanks for changing the world making it a better place! R.I.P Andy the God and Pioneer of Television